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Exposing the Facts: A Comprehensive CIBC Investor Edge Review – Highlights, Lowlights, and Surprises

This is a detailed CIBC Investor review and I'm going to take a look at the good, the bad, and the ugly of CIBC Investor Edge.

Key Takeaways – CIBC Investor Edge Review

  • CIBC Investor Edge offers a user-friendly interface and a wide range of investment options
  • The platform has competitive pricing and low fees
  • Advanced trading tools and resources are available
  • Fair customer support experience
  • Availability of research tools, analyst reports, and educational resources are all available for free and access to a mobile app on iOS and Android devices
  • Reliable platform performance during high-volume trading times with high security

What is CIBC Investor Edge?

CIBC Investor’s Edge is an online discount brokerage platform offered by the Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce (CIBC). It allows individuals to invest in a variety of financial instruments, including stocks, exchange-traded funds (ETFs), mutual funds, and options, among others.

The platform provides tools and resources for self-directed investors to research, trade, and manage their portfolios. Investor’s Edge also offers a range of investment products, including managed portfolios and investment accounts.

The platform is accessible through CIBC’s website and a mobile app, offering convenient and secure access to investment information and account management features.

CIBC Investor Edge Overview

User ExperienceVery Good
Pricing Good
Customer Service Fair
Online SecurityVery Good
Overall RankingGood

CIBC Investor Edge Pros and Cons

Access to a mobile app on iOS and Android devices.The industry’s normal trading fees are not the cheapest
Multiple investing accounts and products are available to you.For accounts under $10,000/$25,000, depending on whether it’s a registered or non-registered account, there’s a $100 yearly account maintenance cost
Owned by one of Canada’s largest banks$100 fee for RRSP and non-registered accounts with small balances
Discounts are offered for students and active traders.No commission-free ETFs
Trading commissions and fees that are competitiveInactive account fee of $100 for accounts that don’t hold the minimum required amount
Research tools, analyst reports, and educational resources are all available for free.
Young investors between the ages of 18 and 24 can trade stocks and ETFs online for free. The following terms and conditions apply

CIBC Investor Edge Fees

Mutual FundsNone
ETFs$6.95 per online trade
Stocks$6.95 per online trade
Options$6.95 per online trade + $1.25 per contract

This is a detailed CIBC Investor review and I’m going to take a look at the good, the bad, and the ugly of CIBC Investor Edge.

So, you’re thinking of investing with CIBC Investor Edge? Or maybe you’re already a customer? In either case, you want to know what you’re getting into.

And by the end of this review, you’ll have a better idea of whether or not it’s the right investment platform for you.

Investor Edge is a great option for new investors because of its low minimum deposit requirement and its wide range of investment options.

You can choose from stocks, bonds, GICs, and more, so you can build the perfect investment portfolio for your needs.

When it comes to your finances, you want to make sure that you’re making the most out of each and every transaction. That’s why it’s important to review all of your options and find the account that best suits your needs.

CIBC Investor Edge is a great choice for investors who want to have access to a wide range of investments. This account offers you the ability to buy and sell stocks, ETFs, mutual funds, and GICs. And if that’s not enough, you also have the option of opening up a margin account.

The Good side of CIBC Investor Edge

When it comes to CIBC Investor Edge, there are definitely some things to love. Let’s start with the fact that it’s a user-friendly platform. Navigating your way around is a breeze, and that’s important when you’re dealing with your hard-earned money.

Another thing I appreciate is the wide range of investment options available. You can choose from stocks, bonds, ETFs and more, so you’re sure to find something that meets your needs.

And if you need any help, the CIBC Investor Edge team is more than happy to provide guidance.

Overall, CIBC Investor Edge is a great choice for those who want to manage their own investments. It’s easy to use and offers a wide range of options, plus you have access to expert advice when you need it.

The Bad side of CIBC Investor Edge

Well, we hate to be the bearers of bad news, but there are a few things about Investor Edge that could use some improvement.

First of all, the website can be a little bit clunky and difficult to navigate. And it’s not exactly the most user-friendly interface out there.

Second of all, customer service can be a bit hit and miss. Sometimes you’ll get someone who is super helpful, and other times you’ll just end up frustrated.

Finally, one of the biggest complaints we’ve heard is that Investor Edge can be a little bit expensive. Especially when compared to some of the other options out there.

The Ugly side of CIBC Investor Edge

Alright, so we’ve talked about the good and the bad of CIBC Investor Edge, but what about the ugly?

Well, first and foremost, there have been some complaints about customer service. Apparently, it can be a bit frustrating to get in touch with someone who can help you with your account.

And then there are the fees. Some people feel like they’re not getting good value for their money, especially when it comes to the trading fees. Plus, if you’re not careful, you could easily rack up quite a few overage fees.

All in all, it’s not a perfect platform by any means. But it does have its redeeming qualities, and for the most part, it’s a pretty solid option for investors looking for a straightforward way to invest their money.

What is CIBC Investor Edge

CIBC Investor’s Edge is an online investment brokerage of CIBC, one of Canada’s Top Five Banks.

Investor’s Edge offers a choice for Canadians who prefer to handle their own investments, in contrast to other online investment solutions, which frequently provide a “hands-on” approach courtesy to Robo advisers.

This covers anyone who wishes to learn investment management but does not yet have such knowledge.

CIBC Investor Edge is one of the best fee-free mutual funds on the market, and it’s very reasonably priced.

The underlying fund is also a decent choice for Canadians living abroad because its management fee is waived while they’re living abroad.

What is CIBC Investor Edge?

Why is CIBC Investor’s Edge a good investment?

Many competitors, particularly other big-bank platforms, charge more for online trading than CIBC Investor’s Edge. Furthermore, it’s easier to avoid the standard account maintenance cost for non-registered accounts because the fee is waived if you have more than $10,000 in your account.

How does CIBC Investor Edge Work?

To use CIBC Investor’s Edge, just create an account online and pick between a registered account, such as a TFSA or RRSP, and a non-registered personal account.

You next fund your account by transferring monies from a CIBC bank account to your CIBC Investor’s Edge account using the ‘Cash Transfers’ option.

You can also move funds or assets to your CIBC Investor’s Edge account from another financial institution.

You can then use instructional tools to learn about investing, or you can immediately start trading if you’re more experienced.

CIBC Investor’s Edge has a wealth of videos and lessons on how to utilize the platform, as well as more complex topics like short-selling stocks, dollar-cost averaging, and more.

Annual account fees for TFSAs and RESPs are not charged by CIBC Investor’s Edge. 

When the account amount is less than $25,000, it charges $100 each year; however, if the account balance is more than $25,000, the price is waived. 

Non-registered accounts with amounts under $10,000 cost $100 per year, however balances over $10,000 are exempt.

For Canadian and US-listed stocks and ETFs, Investor’s Edge imposes a fixed cost of $6.95 per online trade. 

Active traders who execute 150 or more trades every quarter are eligible for “Active Trader” pricing, which costs $4.95 per online equities trade. Students with a CIBC SmartTM Account can also get $5.95 for every online trade.

Every dollar that doesn’t go to a broker charge or commission when you’re investing to compound your wealth is a dollar that may continue to grow for you. And it all adds up.

Considerably though $6.95 seems appealing, if you’re a student with a CIBC SmartTM Account for students, your commissions will be even lower. Then each trade costs $5.95. 

You can also enlist as an active trader and pay $4.95 per transaction if you trade more than 150 times per quarter.

Investment Options

When it comes to investment options, Investor Edge doesn’t disappoint. You have a wide range of choices, from stocks and bonds to GICs and mutual funds. And if you’re not sure where to start, the helpful folks at CIBC can guide you every step of the way.

One thing I really like about Investor Edge is that you can choose how involved you want to be. If you’re not interested in day-to-day management of your investments, no problem, you can let the experts handle it all for you. But if you’re feeling adventurous, you can also dabble in stocks and options trading. The choice is yours!

CIBC Commission Prices

Among the major banks, CIBC Investor Edge is one of those with the lowest fees. As previously stated, stocks and ETFs are only $6.95 for each trade, while mutual funds have no commissions. 

Students and active traders can also take advantage of lower pricing tiers, as previously noted.

There is a $100 annual account maintenance fee, although it is waived for non-registered accounts with balances of $10,000 or more. 

Even if you start investing with just a few hundred dollars, consistent payments might soon grow your account to $10,000. Even for new investors, CIBC Investor’s Edge is a cost-effective solution.

Offer for Cash Back

Though you should choose a broker based on the strength of its platform and how well its commission structure fits your demands, a cash-back offer isn’t a bad idea.

Customers of CIBC Investor’s Edge can get up to $2,000 in cash back for putting monies into their CIBC IE account until March 1, 2022. The following is how it works:

  • $1,000 for transfers of $500,000 to $999,999 $2,000 for transfers of $1,000,000 or more
  • Transferring $100,000 to $499,999 will earn you $500.
  • Transferring $50,000 to $99,999 will cost you $200.
  • Transferring $25,000 to $49,999 will get you $100.
  • Transferring $10,000 to $24,999 costs $50.

Who Is CIBC Investor Edge Best For?

So, who is CIBC Investor Edge best for?

Well, it’s perfect for anyone who wants to invest in the stock market. But it’s especially good for people who are just starting out, because CIBC Investor Edge makes it easy to get started. You can open an account with just a few clicks, and then you’re ready to go.

CIBC Investor Edge also offers a lot of great features, like real-time updates and 24/7 customer service. And if you ever have any questions, the team at CIBC Investor Edge is always happy to help.

CIBC Investor Edge Account Sections

CIBC Investor Edge has five main account sections:

Quotes and research: All of CIBC’s market reports and third-party data, including stocks, indices, exchange rates, and your customized watch lists, are available here.

Trading: Stocks, ETFs, fixed incomes, and options are among your trading possibilities.

Account information:  Account holdings, account performance, transaction history, news, and notes, and e-documents are all basic account information.

Order status: Basic information about whether or not your order was fulfilled, when it was fulfilled, and at what cost.

Cash transfers: Transfer money from your CIBC bank account to your brokerage account quickly and easily.

CIBC Investor Edge Service and Support

Service and assistance are two areas where CIBC Investor Edge stands apart. Customers can access help through almost any modern communication method, such as:

  • Phone
  • The Asian trading desk may provide special Mandarin and Cantonese support over the phone.
  • Online chat with an automated agent or live agent.
  • Mail.
  • E-mail.
  • A website contact form

CIBC Investor Edge Alternatives

CIBC Investor Edge vs. Questrade

CIBC Investor’s Edge compares favorably to Questrade, my top pick for Canada’s best online brokerage. 

Clients of Investor’s Edge get access to all of the account types and most of the investment opportunities available through Questrade (with the exception of foreign exchange trading).

Questrade features reduced trading fees, with stock trades starting at $4.95 versus CIBC’s $6.95 flat price, and Questrade clients can buy ETFs for free (with a fee ranging from $4.95-$9.95 for selling), whereas CIBC Investor’s Edge clients pay $6.95 for both buying and selling ETFs.

In terms of being backed by one of Canada’s top five banks, CIBC Investor’s Edge wins out, especially for existing CIBC banking customers who can simply switch between their brokerage account and online banking, as well as fund their accounts in the same day.

CIBC Investor Edge vs. Wealthsimple Trade

Wealthsimple Trade is a serious competitor to CIBC Investor Edge, as its clients can buy and sell Canadian and US-listed stocks and ETFs for free, rather than paying $6.95 per online trade.

For investors who need to open more than an RRSP, TFSA, or non-registered account, CIBC Investor’s Edge beats Wealthsimple Trade (i.e. LIRA, RESP, RRIF). Every account type is available through CIBC Investor’s Edge.

Finally, Wealthsimple Trade does not enable its clients to hold USD, which means that investors will be charged foreign exchange costs every time they buy or sell a stock or ETF listed in the United States. 

Except for RESPs, CIBC Investor’s Edge clients can hold USD in all registered accounts.

What I Don’t Like About CIBC Investor Edge?

CIBC Investor Edge is a comprehensive online brokerage with reasonable costs and all the tools investors demand, as we’ve seen so far. 

It’s a fantastic all-around platform for both novice and experienced investors. However, there are a few things to keep an eye out for:

  • While the fees are lower than usual, they are not the lowest available. A no-fee app might be better for very small investors who only want to invest $100 or less.
  • The user interface is simple and lacks the “fun” ambiance found in some of the more recent trading apps.

As an investor, I understand how difficult it can be to select the best stock broker platform, especially with so many options available on the internet, all with varying pricing and features.

FAQs – CIBC Investor Edge

You must have a balance of at least $10,000 in your non-registered account or have a registered retirement account to avoid the $100 annual maintenance cost. 

You must have a balance of at least $25,000 in your registered retirement account to avoid the $100 annual administration cost. 

On equities and ETF trading, students get a $1 discount, while active traders get a $2 discount per trade.

CIBC Investor’s Edge is a reliable online brokerage with low-cost stock and ETF trading starting at $6.95 a trade (the lowest among all big bank brokerages). 

The platform’s freshly updated website provides a contemporary look and feel. 

CIBC Investor’s Edge is a wonderful option for DIY investors who wish to save money on trading costs while still being part of a big bank. Existing CIBC banking customers who prefer to manage their own investments would love it.

A margin account allows you to borrow money against your investments in order to buy more securities with the borrowed funds. 

A margin account raises your risk by amplifying your earnings or losses. It’s comparable to a line of credit in that you pay interest on the money you borrow.

How have you found working with Canadian brokerage platforms? Please let us know in the comments section.

For TFSAs and RESPs, CIBC Investor’s Edge does not impose an annual fee. 

RRSPs are free if you have a balance of more than $25,000, but they cost $100 per year if you have a balance of less than $25,000. 

Non-registered accounts are free if you have a balance of $10,000 or more, but they cost $100 per year if you have a balance of less than $10,000.

You can set up cash transfers from your CIBC chequing account or link an account from another bank. 

Some users have reported unreliable platform performance during high-volume trading times, which can be a concern for active traders. It’s important to consider this factor when choosing an online brokerage platform.

CIBC Investor Edge offers competitive pricing compared to other online brokers. However, the fees for certain investment products, such as mutual funds, can be higher than other platforms.

The interface of CIBC Investor Edge is designed to be user-friendly and easy to navigate. However, some users may find the account opening process to be complex.

Here are other resources related to CIBC Investor Edge Review that I think you should read:


CIBC Investor Edge has a generous number of balanced fund choices in the portfolio, including funds that cater to an international or Canadian market. Each of its balanced funds comes with a long commitment period and plenty of cash-generating instruments, including high-yield bonds.

It also offers excellent education on how to manage your money with online courses and access to financial advisors through its tools.

CIBC Investor Edge is a great online stock trading platform that offers a wide range of features to help you trade stocks like a pro. With its powerful tools and user-friendly interface, Investor Edge makes online stock trading easy and convenient.

However, CIBC Investor Edge also has some downsides. Its customer service is generally unhelpful and unresponsive, and its website can be glitchy at times. Overall, CIBC Investor Edge is a good online stock trading platform with some minor flaws.

CIBC Investor Edge Mobile App

The CIBC Investor Edge app, which had a bad reputation for being obsolete and unresponsive in the past, has recently been updated. 

CIBC Smartphone Wealth is a mobile app that is available for both Android and iOS. 

The software is simple and straightforward, and it lets you accomplish pretty much anything you need. You can trade, keep track of your investments, or set up a regular investment schedule. 

You can also view New Issues and IPOs and place buy and sell orders for bonds and GICs.

The app provides detailed account information, such as daily change values, book values, and gains or losses. 

Customizable charts can also be used to analyze stock performance and trends. You can also access your e-documents to view transaction confirmations, account statements, and tax paperwork.

Clients can access their CIBC Investor’s Edge, CIBC Imperial Investor Service, CIBC Wood Gundy, and CIBC Private Investment accounts using the CIBC Mobile Wealth App. 

However, despite the latest upgrade, the app only has a 3.7 rating on Google Play at the time of writing from 4,314 downloads, and there have been numerous reviews in the last two months that complain about the app’s lack of responsiveness, frequent freezing, and bad customer service.


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