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Correction Policy

Financeglide Correction Policy

Financeglide is committed to providing required adjustments or clarifications to original content.

We act quickly to correct even minor problems such as spelling, punctuation, or stylistic alterations. Because style changes do not alter the meaning of the material, such “style” changes will be implemented on our website without notification.

If we discover inaccuracies in the content that are material to the content, we will update the content and note those corrections on this page for a month or more, following the correction by linking to the revised version of the original article and noting the correction here for your convenience.

This corrections policy only applies to original Financeglide content, such as news, feature pieces, or original medical reference material. Any changes to licensed or third-party content are the publisher’s responsibility.

If you believe you have discovered an error in any of our content, please notify us by sending an email the “Contact Us” page.

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