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Living with disabilities can be incredibly difficult, especially when it comes to finding employment and providing for yourself and your family. Fortunately, the Ontario Disability Support Program (ODSP) can provide support and financial aid to those who need it.

ODSP is a provincial program in Ontario, Canada that provides financial and employment assistance to eligible individuals who have a disability and are in need of income and employment supports.

The program is designed to help individuals with disabilities live as independently as possible, while providing the necessary supports to ensure their financial security and quality of life.

The program provides a range of supports and services, including income support, employment supports, and medical and health benefits. Income support helps to cover basic living expenses such as housing, food, and clothing.

Employment supports help individuals to find, maintain, and advance their employment, as well as access services like job placement and skills training. Medical and health benefits are available to help cover the costs of medications, mobility aids, and other medical expenses.



What does ODSP stand for?

What does ODSP stand for? ODSP stands for The Ontario Disability Support Program, which provides financial assistance to people who cannot work and need help to pay for basic necessities like food, housing, and clothing. 
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