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The reason I started this personal finance blog: I believe that Personal Finance education is crucial, but becoming financially better off requires access to informative resources that provide you with the necessary information for your personal financial freedom, and a great level of motivation on your path as an individual. 

Personal finance should be treated seriously, but that doesn’t mean it has to be hard, which is the reason I started


What I want to impact with my personal finance blog

Our own finances impact our daily lives in every way that we can imagine.

We all need a little assistance from time to time, whether it be due to financial instability, a lack of knowledge on where to place excess money or a lack of financial confidence.

Also, remember that not everybody receives a solid financial education from schooling, family and even friends.

That’s where this blog becomes particularly helpful because it’s never too late to learn how to make money, save and invest in becoming financially independent

Think about how you can apply all the financial tips and ideas to your own situation, or share them with a friend who needs some help.


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